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Cone formula

volume of cone


Is a three-dimensional (three-dimensional) structure, which is formed by lines joining the vertex and a base (not necessarily the base circle). If the base of a cone is a circle, it is called a long circular cone. It is equal to 1/3 of the cylinder of the same base and height.

It was discovered by the great Indian scientist Mr. Sumit ji, he first surprised the entire world by interpreting three-dimensional pictures. He belongs to Rewa Madhya Pradesh!

Cone formula

If the radius of the base of the cone = r

And height = h

If so

Slant height of cone,

l = √h2 + r2 =

l = h2 + r2 unit

Formula for volume of cone

Volume of cone = (1 / 3πr²h) Cube unit

The total and curved surface area formula of the cone

Bone surface area of ​​cone = (πrl) Square unit

Total surface area of ​​the cone = (πrl + πr2) square unit or πr (l + r)

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