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Top 10 Social Bookmarking Sites To increase traffic

There are many ways to increase traffic to your website but have you ever thought about social bookmarking sites? If not, then this is the right time to start as it is one of the most effective ways to promote SEO and drive traffic to your website.

To promote your business in the best ways, you have to work on all possible methods and you cannot skip one method.

Top social bookmarking sites such as Reddit which have 330 million active users or StumbleUpon with 25 million active user base, provide SEOers the best opportunity to optimize their web presence.

In this article, we will let you know what is social bookmarking and what the top social bookmarking sites are which you can use to boost SEO for your website.

What is Social Bookmarking?

If you are unaware of this word; Social bookmarking, so let’s understand it more deeply. You should know about the term bookmark, it simply means saving the link for future reference. When you bookmark any link you basically want to use that link in the future so you save it.

Social bookmarking simply works on a similar concept except that your bookmarked links can also be seen by others. In simple words, you can save web pages using various social bookmarking websites. You can manage your bookmarks as per your choice. Anyone can view these bookmarks because they are socially visible.

One can save these bookmarks using different “keywords” and “tags” which will help their bookmark to reach a wide number of people.

It works really simple, when someone will make a search using a similar tag or keyword then they may get directed to the same bookmark on social bookmarking site. You can also comment and show your liking on any bookmark on these social bookmarking sites.

One can create quality backlinks using social bookmarking sites. There are a number of social bookmarking sites available on the internet. These can be used to save web pages. Glue to the article to learn the best Social Bookmarking sites which you can rely upon and improve your SEO(Search Engine Optimization) thereon.

Twitter and Pinterest are the leader in social bookmarking sites list but, the question is, are there any more reliable social bookmarking sites? Yes, there are.

So, without any delays, let’s get started with our Social Bookmarking Sites List.

Top 1o Social Bookmarking Sites for SEO

1. Reddit

Social Bookmarking Sites
Social Bookmarking Sites

Reddit is one of the most popular and effective social bookmarking sites available on the internet. This is a reliable platform which you can trust for bookmarking.

You can save your favorite web pages which may include blogs, articles, images, videos, etc on Reddit. Also, it aids you in providing the desired ‘tag’ or ‘keyword’ to your bookmark. Further, this would benefit your SEO purposes.

With more than 330 million users, Reddit is one of the most effective websites to promote your contents. It also provides users with a feature to vote and comment on any particular bookmark. The feature is really effective for those who want to get user’s reviews on their bookmarked links.

2. Delicious

Social Bookmarking Sites
Social Bookmarking Sites

Delicious gives you access to store and save your favorite web pages for future reference.

You can save them with specific ‘tags’ and ‘keywords’ which helps you in serving SEO purpose. When a search is made on search engines with a similar ‘tag’ or ‘keyword’, user may end up landing on your bookmarked link on the social bookmarking site.

Delicious is popular and trusted among 5.3 million users. If you want to achieve the desired SEO goals for your content then this is one of the best social bookmarking sites.


Social Bookmarking Sites
Social Bookmarking Sites

This website is really specific when it comes to handling bookmarking tasks. It provides you with the options of free as well as paid service which have their own benefits.

Whether you are an individual or an organization, this website provides you with both options.

You can use this website for content curation as well as for content marketing automation. comes with the options for professional as well as non-profit organizations.

This is one of the best social bookmarking sites which has gained the trust of more than 1 million users.

4. StumbleUpon/Mix

Social Bookmarking Sites

Choosing Stumble means landing the most intelligent and popular social bookmarking sites.

It can be well used to bookmark your favorite web pages with specific tags and keywords in order to serve the SEO purpose. Stumble was popularly known as Mix in 2018.

You can also rate and review different web pages according to your preference on this website.

5. We Heart It

Social Bookmarking Sites
Social Bookmarking Sites

This website is available in more than 20 languages. Used and trusted by more than 30 million users, this is one of the most reliable websites for social bookmarking.

You can bookmark your favorite photos on this website.

The website allows you to save different types of contents. Mix has earned great popularity in terms of motivational and inspirational content. If you love pictures then you are going to love this website for sure.

6. Dribble

Social Bookmarking Sites

When the concern is the user interface of social bookmarking sites then Dribble stands among the toppers. This website has got a beautiful interface and amazing presentation.

The website has been optimized specially for designers. You can showcase your art on this website, and discover & connect with a number of quality designers around the world.

If you are a designer with a relevant website, Dribble is really going to prove for increasing your website traffic.

7. Digg

Social Bookmarking Sites

Looking for a websit

e to save and share highly attractive content? ; use Digg to reach your targeted audience.

You can bookmark different type of contents like blogs, videos, photos, etc.

Digg offers you to manage your content and share it with an engaged audience. This platform has more than 8 million users which proves its reliability.

8. Fark

Social Bookmarking Sites

Created by Drew Curtis, Fark is used to share and save content using preferred tags and keywords. These tags, in turn, serves well for  SEO.

This highly popular website is mainly for humor purposes. It has proven to efficiently draw user-attention and engage them. The users can also rate and review the contents on the website submitted by the Fark community.

9. Slashdot

Social Bookmarking Sites

The tag line of this website is – Stuff that matters and News for nerds.

Slashdot is actively used by 4 million users and serves the purpose well for tech-enthusiasts. Rather, a person coming from any background would find it easily communicable. Here, you get to read stories on technology, science, politics and so on.

10. DZone

Social Bookmarking Sites

Call for the best social bookmarking for software developers and tada, DZone is the best you could ask for.

No doubt, an expert or a beginner, here, you’ll get content for every niche, say web development, tutorials, DevOps, etc. You can bookmark your favorite technical web pages using tags and keywords.

  • conclusion

On publishing your content on the top 10 social bookmarking site, the traffic of our website will definitely increase as well as high two follow backlinks will also be created.

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