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List of top 7 free advertising sites to get marketing benefits without budget

free advertising sites
  • free advertising sites

Do you want to clean your item? Gone are the days of the Yellow Pages. Whether you are selling or looking for ways to increase your sales spree, promoting your goods on free advertising sites is worth noting.

Do not moisten your spirits with eBay only. In various advertising sites, the free options for buying and selling online are endless. EBay does not yet have a single advertising option. Instead, taking advantage of online advertising can help bring results.

Do you want to know what opportunities lay under eBay?

Some free advertising sites such as Craigslist can potentially help bring in some extra cash. Lucky you know that Craigslist’s various options are listed in the list of free advertising sites below. The best thing about online advertising is that you can get free marketing benefits without too much legwork.

Moreover, since the mobile-first approach is a must for today’s sites, most free advertising sites in USA are readable on all last-generation devices. With people spending over 5 hours a day on their smartphones, listing your stuff via mobile-friendly advertising sites for free is a huge opportunity to get noticed.

Things to Consider Before You Advertise for Free

Today, customers have a hand in the business world. In addition, four out of five of the Google search engines in the US to find the best free business advertising sites to list consumers.

In addition, the lack of room for large advertising spending is essential for most small to medium-sized businesses to list their goods on free Internet advertising sites. Think of $ 340,000 for a 30-second TV ad or $ 10,000 for an email marketing campaign.

The good news is that the digital advertising industry is constantly evolving. The great thing about free online advertising sites is that you don’t need a Super Bowl-sized budget to get the word out. It is a good idea to look at brands like Rolls Royce or Hui Phong Foods – they do not bother with paid advertising.

Yet, it’s a competition-ridden market. The problem is how famous a free classified platform you choose. The more popular your choice is, the bigger the challenge is to stand out. Depending on what you’re trying to sell, some platforms are better than others. Nothing to say about low visibility unless you ‘boost’ your post and buy a ‘features listing’.

The true fact is that some advertising platforms may start out as free and later evolve into paid ones. This is especially relevant for business users.

Getting started with free advertising sites online can sometimes be confusing, yet it can be a good place to list your business. So, if you are still considered disappointed with your advertising choices, then take advantage of the best free advertising sites below.

1. Google My Business

With over 2 billion registered profiles and nearly 400 million active users on a monthly basis, Google My Business is certainly one of the best free advertising platforms.

Haven’t you already added your business to a Google My Business listing? What rock have you been living under?

It provides a more organic presence function to show in Google Local 3-Pack. The best thing about Google My Business is that it offers the exact location of your business on a mobile-friendly map for smartphone users. So, if you want your business to hold on, then this is your chance to stand up for free.

2. Facebook

With over 1.5 billion users, Facebook keeps track of what they see and clicks in ways that most media companies can only dream of. That said, 70 percent of business-to-consumer marketers have acquired customers through Facebook.

So, whether your goal is to brand awareness or online conversions, Facebook can make a notable difference in reaching your goals.

According to a recent survey, Facebook U.S online advertising business would make $21 billion in 2018.

3. Amazon

Once started as a bookstore, Amazon has exploded into a gigantic marketplace with millions of products and product categories.

According to eMarketer, Amazon is the third-largest online advertising platform in the USA up to date.

It works similarly to eBay, but the larger customer base comes at the expense of higher fees and more competition. You will like its built-in algorithm that will recommend your products to people who are interested in your items. Posting your buy or sell options on Amazon can become a smooth track.

4. Craigslist

Let’s move on to Craigslist. With around 55 million monthly visitors, Craigslist is another popular free classified ad sites, according to Alexa. Even with 25 percent of ads marked as spam, Craigslist is a world-renowned classified site from the U.S.

It offers different sections devoted to jobs, housing, personals, gigs, events, community, resumes and discussion forums. Even with a bit outdated interface since 1995 and with no mobile app, Craigslist operates in 70 countries and is still on top of the world.

According to an authorized source, the company has raised about $100 million at around a $1 billion valuation.

Its app has passed 100 million downloads and 400 million listings in total with over 123 million messages sent daily in connection with goods on the site.

With 20 million monthly users, LetGo facilitates trade in used goods in 35 countries. Unlike Craigslist, the LetGo app-based platform is optimized for mobile devices. Thus, a mobile-optimized interface provides a better user experience. Better yet, it uses artificial intelligence and lists only goods without services.

6. Oodle

Used by millions of people, Oodle is a large aggregator of listings both locally and nationally. With over 15 million monthly users, it’s one of the biggest rivals to Craigslist out there.

Simply put, Oodle makes your search experience more comprehensive. It uses the network of online marketplaces such as eBay, ForRent, BoatTrader, and MySpace and offers more relevant results. Besides, compatibility with Facebook allows you to post status updates, to attach your face and name to an Oodle post. This, however, can add an element of trust and security, which is not found through Craigslist in fact.

7. Locanto

Of all the free local advertising sites, Lokonto outshines them all. So, if you are looking for a used car, a babysitter, job or real estate, Lokonto is a free local platform to trust. It can help with employment, classes, and events with over 2,188,000 advertisements.

It’s a great free alternative for Craigslist in the U.S.

It’s also open to buyers and sellers in Australia, Austria, Canada, South Africa, and more. While posting an ad without registration can be great, yet, no one guarantees safety. Feel free to include links, pictures and HTML code in your post and it will remain live for 60 days. 


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