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Donating a car


Each school day, a dedicated fleet of customised meal delivery vehicles steer through hundreds of kilometres so that 17,65,597 children receive their much-needed lunch on time. To ensure food reaches hot and fresh to 15,668 Government and Government-aided schools located across 45 locations in 12 states without any spillage during transportation, The Akshaya Patra Foundation has customised its delivery vehicles with insulated body and honeycomb structured racks to hold vessels.

As Akshaya Patra is expanding its reach to cover more children and areas, your contribution for a delivery vehicle will certainly strengthen the Foundation’s logistics system. A special ceremony will be held to inaugurate the vehicle in your gracious presence and your name or company’s logo will be displayed on the vehicle permanently.



*If you are a citizen of the US or the UK and prefer to avail tax exemption, please click here.

*Support towards deficit funding for nutritious meal over & above Government subsidies.

If you are an account holder of Indian banks and have debit/credit cards issued by Indian banks then please select Indian Donors as your donation mode.

If you are an account holder of International banks and have debit/credit cards issued by International banks such as Diner’s Card, Master Card, Amex or Visa then please select NRI / FOREIGN DONORS as your donation mode.

Select Wire Transfer mode if you want to make account to account transfer (in India/Abroad)

Avail tax exemption under Section 80G

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