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How to stop pragnancy after 1 month-best ways to stop childbirth

December 24, 2019

How to terminate pregnancy after 1 month – best ways to stop childbirth How to stop pragnancy Hello friends, welcome to Amrujalas, today we will talk about how to stop pragnancy from happening. Nowadays, it is considered very happy to have two couples who are pregnant. The biggest problem has become that before marriage they […]

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How to lose weight fast.

December 11, 2019

How to lose weight fast? how to reduce weight, friends today, I will tell you how we can lose weight easily, nowadays it has become the biggest problem of people, people are very much affected by this kind of problem, so friends, today I am I will tell people how you can work fast, if […]

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वजन कैसे बढ़ाएं का सबसे बेहतर तरीके.(vjn)

December 2, 2019

वजन कैसे बढ़ाएं का सबसे बेहतर तरीके : wajan kaise badhaye(vjn)आज कल के भाग दौर के दुनिया में  अपनी सेहत का ध्यान कोई नहीं रख पता है , आज कल पतला होना आम बात हो गयी है आज मैं आप लोगो को कुछ ऐसी बात बताऊंगा. जिसका उपयोग करके आपलोग अपना पतला पन की समस्या […]

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